Luísa Lucas Rodrigues (Lisbon, 1988), as a Degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, and she’s been living in Lisbon since 2008, where she has been exploring various creative areas.  Lulr, her artistic name, likes to tell stories through  playing with visual language, and to explore various traditional crafts.





One of the creative process of my works is the concept of re-using and recycling materials that have been disposed of by those who no longer find value in them.
This can be broken wooden furniture, damaged picture frames, bags of old fabrics, glass windows, doors, acrylic plates, magazines and books, old or new… Anything that will animate my imagination and will inspire me to give it a new life, to make it more beautiful and practical.

Most of my works is handmade, playing with pictures, patterns and dialogues! I also enjoy manipulating photography digitally, just for fun and experimentation.

The plant and mineral world are big influences in my works. As are social issues that ignite my ideals and insurgency!

I don’t like repetition so all my artworks are unique and original. Besides the continuous ideas I want to see materialised, I also take personalised orders which help in challenging my skills. I really appreciate the opportunity and trust that people have in me and my work.

Without Art in my life I would struggle to find meaning for so much absurdity in the world. Being able to create to communicate, to share my knowledge with the world, this is a privilege!